Welcome to the enhanced vanilla Rust experience

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Friendly community

Our aim is to keep a friendly attitude towards all players, it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or experienced at the game.

Fine-tuned Vanilla+

Just saying that our server is 2X gathering is not enough, in reality we keep tinkering with all rates to keep the game interesting between wipes.

Wipes every 2 weeks

A fresh new start with a new map every second week. Blueprints are cleared every first Thursday of the month.

Quality of Life

Send PMs to other players, or keep track of your friends by creating a clan (max 5 clan members allowed).

Active Staff

We monitor all events on the server to ensure that everyone get the best experience possible on the server.

VIP perks

Support the server by becoming a VIP member. VIP members get some neat perks carefully put together to avoid unfair advantages.