Giant Excavator Pit

Update day is here, and Rust is getting some exciting new content. The largest (literally) being the Giant Excavator Pit monument. Here’s a summary by Rustafied:

Not for the faint of heart, the Giant Excavator Pit requires several people and proper protection to effectively take on. Here’s a summary of how it works:

1. Approach with Diesel (acquired at Dome, Oil Rigs, Junkyard, or for 300 low grade each at the Outpost).
2. Kill Scientist NPC’s (about 12 of them) and make sure you adorn Hazmat Suits (there’s radiation around the whole pit).
3. Fill the tank in the engine room with fuel, turn on the engine.
4. Select the resource you’d like to mine in the control room (on either side of the excavator arm)
5. Collect resources at both drop sites


Server changes

The procedural map generation has changed this month to only include larger monuments (such as the Airfield, Launch Site, Military Tunnels, Train Yard, and Giant Excavator Pit), which is why we are increasing the map size to 3500.

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