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Welcome to our new website! Apart from the obvious, information about the server, it also features a brand new shop where you can buy VIP memberships with in-game perks, as well as a community forum with discussions about the server and the game.

VIP perks

Our VIP memberships are carefully assembled to avoid “pay 2 win” scenarios as much as possible, while still giving some value to those who decide to purchase one.

Learn more about the included perks in the shop.

Why even have a VIP membership? It helps us fund the server costs, and will allow us to increase server performance when needed. In the future we might even be able to launch new servers, perhaps even for other games!

During this wipe you can get a 50% discount on your first order with the coupon code EARLYBIRD.

Wipe and updates 15/8 2019

In a couple of hours the server will be wiped as planned. Join our Discord to be the first to know when the server is up again! Here are some server changes for this wipe:

  • Replaced the loot multiplier plugin to improve performance.
  • Drop rate of scrap is reduced to 1X to slightly reduce progression speed. It’s still 2X on components though, and since you can recycle those for scrap it’s still faster than vanilla. We might increase this again when average player base increases.
  • Stacksize of stone, wood, metal ore, metal fragments and refined hqm has been slightly increased.

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