Wipe report August 29

Welcome to our first official wipe report, where we look back on our last wipe cycle and see what people have been up to!

The price for most PvP kills this wipe goes to PiMeNtA, with 41 total kills. Of course, having the most kills is not everything. Longest distance for a PvP kill was 181.42m by knin. Skill shot or roof camping? You decide! Best Kill per Death Ratio goes to Watersheep with a ratio of 5.

Most deaths goes to Baruška: he died 233 times, 132 of which was suicides. Oof! Most NPC kills goes to Rex (Fin) with 145 kills.

We would love to see your creations on our forum and our Discord! Perhaps we could show them in our next wipe report!

Wipe news

Because of his attendance and general politeness on the server, we have promoted Rex (Fin) to be a Chatmod. This means that he can keep an eye on the chat and make sure that people are behaving. Note: He does not have access to any other admin tools apart from this.

Crazy week

This wipe cycle will only last one week, since next thursday is a monthly forced wipe on Rust. Because of this, we are spicing up this cycle by adding a few temporary features that will only be available during this week:

  • All blueprints are unlocked for everyone. You don’t have to research anything this week.
  • You spawn with some basic clothes and tools.
  • Meteor showers will appear randomly, these will damage buildings (and people) but also drops materials, including sulfur!

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