Transport Helicopter Update

The monthly update has arrived, and perhaps the biggest update this time around is a brand new Scrap Transport Helicopter. Facepunch has put together a pretty rad video to show us what it’s all about:

Another big change is autoturrets finally use the electricity system. They need 10 power to operate, and it has some outputs that you can hook up different alerts to when it has a target, has low ammo or is completely out of ammo. Turrets have also been changed to never miss more than 3 shots in a row, which makes it next to impossible to “drain” them.

I personally look forward to see how this change will affect the meta-game, as most bases lately has been all about who can put up the most turrets.

Speaking of electricity, there’s also a new generator available that can provide power with help from Low Grade Fuel.

The requirements for building a Rocket Launcher and HV Rockets have been lowered, you only need a Tier 2 workbench now (instead of Tier 3). HV Rockets have been buffed against players as well, to make them more viable in PvP.

There are also a whole bunch of interesting performance updates, you can read more about these and a lot more on the official blog!

Wipe report

This cycle was pretty short, and it happened during the WoW Classic launch, so there hasn’t been much activity. Here’s some numbers though:

PvP Kills3Comrade Doggo
PvE Distance 139.91m Comrade Doggo
Head shots332Rex (Fin)
APC Kills3Skillforwar

Wipe news

Nothing special to report this time, except that blueprints are wiped. See you in game!

(cover image by Rustafied)

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