Wipe Report September 19


We have decided to clear all learned blueprints every wipe starting next month, as we believe that the current progression rate in Rust makes learning new blueprints easier.


Here are the most interesting statistics since the last wipe:

PVP Kills10Rocky Redneck
PVP Distance138.7H-C≡N
PVE Kills437Weirdo
PVE Distance318.41Weirdo
NPC Kills182Rex (Fin)
Sleepers Killed10Rocky Redneck
Head Shots796Weirdo
KDR2The Mole †††
Heli Kills3Weirdo
APC Kills1Rex (Fin)
Barrels Destroyed1562Rocky Redneck
Bullets Fired7788Weirdo
Drops Looted46Rocky Redneck
Structures Built809Rex (Fin)
Resources Gathered556173Rocky Redneck

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