Horse Equipment Update

New month and new updates! The biggest news are changes to the horses in the game, which can now be equipped with armor, horse shoes and satchels.

There is also a new Tesla Coil electrical component, that can damage and slow players. New trap bases incoming!

There are also a lot of quality of life improvements, like support for markers in the map and a redesigned death screen.

See all updates on the Facepunch blog!

Server changes

As mentioned in the last blog post, we’ll be clearing blueprints on each wipe from now on. Eating too many mushrooms will also make you sick.

Wipe Report

PVP Kills17Weirdo
PVP Distance251.93Weirdo
PVE Kills506Weirdo
PVE Distance255.97H-C≡N
NPC Kills84lystne ludvig
NPC Distance187.06“!¤#¤%&/
Sleepers Killed8Rocky Redneck
Head Shots799Rex (Fin)
Skulls Crushed5biciban
Heli Kills10H-C≡N
APC Kills3lystne ludvig
Barrels Destroyed544Rex (Fin)

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