Wipe Report October 31st


  • “Crazy Week” this week, read more below
  • I’ve replaced the Discord integrations to a custom made and hopefully more reliable solution. I’ll post more about it next week
  • Added a “Running Man” event that will be evaluated during the Crazy Week. Rewards and requirements will be tinkered with during this week


PVP Kills18Skillforwar
PVE Kills194Rex (Fin)
NPC Kills113Rex (Fin)
Sleepers Killed9Skillforwar
Head Shots717Rex (Fin)
Suicides26Wiza®D ™
KDR2Flex Tape
Times Wounded6Rocky Redneck
Times Healed878Barůška
Heli Kills7Skillforwar
APC Kills4Weirdo
Barrels Destroyed666Rocky Redneck
Explosives Thrown30Rocky Redneck
Arrows Fired509Skillforwar
Bullets Fired5037Barůška
Rockets Launched71Rocky Redneck
Weapon Traps Destroyed6Weirdo
Drops Looted20Rex (Fin)

Crazy Week

This wipe cycle will only last one week, since next thursday is a monthly forced wipe on Rust. Because of this, we are spicing up this cycle by adding a few temporary features that will only be available during this week:

  • All blueprints are unlocked for everyone. You don’t have to research anything this week.
  • You spawn with some basic clothes and tools.
  • Meteor showers will appear randomly, these will damage buildings (and people) but also drops materials, including sulfur!

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