The Tree Fix Update

Enough said?


I’m planning on adjusting the schedule so there’ll always be two wipes each month, even if there are 5 weeks in it. This means that there will be some months where each wipe will be 2.5 weeks instead.

The long term goal of this is to make automation of wipes easier to implement.

Running Man

We tried out a new event last week called the Running Man. The rules are simple: One random person gets picked out as the Running Man. Whoever managed to kill him within 30 minutes gets a reward. If the Running Man survives this time he or she gets a reward instead.

There’s a catch though, everyone can type /run to get the distance to the Running Man. By using this everyone can figure out where the Running Man is.

I’m normally very conservative about adding new custom events, but I feel like this one is fairly simple and gives players an incentive to leave their bases and try some light PvP.

Right now there needs to be at least 5 people online for the event to start (not counting admins). The reward for surviving is 50-150 scrap, and the reward for killing the Running Man is 100-200 scrap and 50-100 low grade fuel. This will probably be tweaked further in the future.


PVP Kills6Rocky Redneck
PVE Distance258.821029khmg
NPC Kills43Rocky Redneck
Head Shots131Rocky Redneck
Deaths9Rex (Fin)
Times Healed901029khmg
Explosives Thrown22Rocky Redneck
Arrows Fired53Rex (Fin)
Bullets Fired800Rocky Redneck
Drops Looted8Rocky Redneck
Entities Repaired25br0tal

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