Leaderboard November 21st

To quickly summarize the last wipe, we’re still recovering from the huge game releases this autumn, but there has been some increased clan activity this wipe.

PVP Kills8Snirgo manirgo
PVP Distance112.85Tajjulo
PVE Kills295Rex (Fin)
PVE Distance250.65Barůška
NPC Kills88Rex (Fin)
NPC Distance148.17Rex (Fin)
Sleepers Killed7Snirgo manirgo
Head Shots663Rex (Fin)
KDR4Mullypoo XD
Skulls Crushed2Snirgo manirgo
Times Wounded3Eco – Civilgamers.com
Times Healed753Rex (Fin)
Heli Hits1058Barůška
Heli Kills10Rex (Fin)
APC Hits250Skillforwar
APC Kills5Rex (Fin)
Explosives Thrown47Barůška
Arrows Fired232Snirgo manirgo
Bullets Fired7985Barůška
Rockets Launched47Rex (Fin)
Weapon Traps Destroyed7Skillforwar
Drops Looted31Rex (Fin)
Resources Gathered578047Rex (Fin)

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