VIP (30 days)


Support the server and get some nice perks as thanks!


By becoming a VIP member, you contribute to the cost of hosting and maintaining the server. It also allows us to increase server performance when needed. In the future we might even be able to add more servers, maybe even for other games.

Our VIP perks are carefully put together with one important goal: No pay to win (P2W). In other words: they should never give any unfair advantages to any players.

What’s included:

Chat Perks

VIP members get an exclusive tag in the chat, and has the ability to change the color of their name.

Change color with /colour <hex> in chat.

Furnace Splitter

Splits up ores into equal stacks when you put them into furnaces, and enables automatic fuel insertion and trimming.

Quick Sort

Adds buttons that allow you to quickly sort items into containers.

Remove Tool

Enables removal and refunding of items and entities that normally cannot be removed without destroying them.

Type /remove in chat to activate this tool.

Sign Artist

Create beautiful signs by loading custom images from the Internet.

Type /sil <url> in chat while looking at your sign to load the image.