We try to keep our rules simple, as a game like Rust changes all the time which makes it hard to create distinct rules to cover all cases. This means that a staff member reserves the right to mute, kick or ban a player for reasons currently not written on this page.

A staff member may take whichever action that seems fit for the current case. In other words, two players breaking the same rules may not receive the same penalty.

If you are ever uncertain about something, feel free to contact our staff using the /report command in-game.

1. No cheating, hacking or glitching

  1. Using /remove to hide entities is considered cheating.

2. No racism or discrimination

3. Respect all players

  1. If you suspect a player is cheating, don’t call them out in-game. Report it instead to our staff with the /report command in-game.

4. Do not impersonate or “pretend to be someone”

  1. For example, don’t change your Steam-name to someone else just to impersonate them.
  2. Another example, don’t pretend to be a staff member.

5. Do not spam the chat

  1. By spam we mean repeating the same message several times in a row, quickly writing several chat entries instead of one, or advertising other servers or websites.
  2. Avoid other languages than English or Swedish in chat. We will find out if you try to evade other rules by using another language.

6. Group limit is 5

  1. You may only be 5 people in a clan.
  2. You may only be 5 people in a base.
  3. You may trade with and be friends with other players (a.k.a form “alliances”).
  4. You may only roam the map with 5 people, these do not have to be your regular clan och base members.
  5. Defending (or counter-raiding) a friends base is allowed as long as you live close by. Helping someone raid a base is not allowed.